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Discover your unique healthy balanced lifestyle, to suit YOUR body,
with Brittany's help!

Brittany Lynne Roberts

Check out my ebook...

Ultimate Guide to Health & Vitality


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This is unlike anything I've ever published. I packed this ebook with all of my most common topics, protocols, and practices that I assist my personal clients with, in order for them to reach and maintain their most optimal level of health. Now you can also have all of that information in one source at your fingertips!

This ebook covers all the topics of:

  • About Me. 

  • Why Choose to Eat a High Raw Foods Diet?. 

  • “Vegan”, “Plant Based”, Whole Foods, Processed, and Refined Foods: All Explained. 

  • My Meal Plan… How I Eat, and What I Recommend!. 

  • Calories In vs. Calories Out. 

  • Mindful Eating, Intuitive Eating & Eating in Abundance.

  • Plant Based Nutrition - Breakdown of Essential Nutrients. 

  • Overeating. 

  • Causes of Cravings. 

  • Green Juice and Green Smoothie. 

  • Optimizing Gut Health. 

  • Eating Light to Heavy Throughout the Day. 

  • Food Combining. 

  • Organic Produce. 

  • What is the TRUE Culprit of Diabetes + The Importance of Low(er) Fat. 

  • Supplements; What is Necessary?. 

  • 80/20 Method. 

  • Movement/Exercise. 

  • Sleep. 

  • Hydration. 

  • Mindset. 

  • Stress. 

  • How to Create an EPIC Satisfying Salad. 

  • Vegan/Plant Based Health Books I Love & Recommend.

  • AND a full 14 Day Whole Food Vegan Meal Plan

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