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Chocolate Almond Energy Bars

-135g dates, pitted (soak in hot water)
-145g gluten free oats OR almond flour
-30g raw cacao powder
-20g milled chia seeds
-30g raw or roasted almonds, roughly chopped
-1/2 tsp vanilla powder
-20g raw cacao nibs


-First add the dates, along with the water they were soaking in, into your blender. Blend it up smooth.
-Now add the date paste, with all of the ingredients (except the raw cacao nibs), into a large mixing bowl. Mix it together well.
-Take it out, and press it into your baking loaf pan lined with parchment paper and press it in evenly.
-Sprinkle on top the cacao nibs.
-Then pop it into the fridge for 1-2 hours to firm.
-And slice it up to enjoy!

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