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Chocolate Blackberry Bars

Base Layer:
-125g dates, pitted
-65g gluten free oats
-50g almonds
-30g raw cacao powder
Blackberry Filling:
-100g frozen (and thawed) blackberries
-100g dates, pitted (soak in hot water)
-15g chia seeds
Topped with:
-50g frozen (and thawed) blackberries

-First take your base ingredients, and place them into your food processor, and blend until it becomes crumbly, but also sticking together slightly.
-Scoop this out and press it into your baking pan lined with parchment paper.
-Now drain the water from the dates for your filling, and take your filling ingredients and blend it up in your high speed blender, until creamy smooth.
-Pour this mixture on top of the base layer. Smooth it out nicely.
-Place the remaining blackberries on top, and swirl them into the filling.
-Now pop it into the freezer overnight.
-The next day you can slice it up and enjoy!

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