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Chocolate Caramel Banana Cookies

-75g dried mulberries
-150g dates (pitted, soaked in warm water if needed)
-25g cacao powder
-100g dates (pitted, soaked in warm water)
-pinch of salt
-1/2 banana, sliced

-First take the 100g dates, along with the water they were soaking in, plus a pinch of salt, and blend them up smooth. Set this aside for now.
-Now into your food processor, add in the dried mulberries, 150g dates, almonds, and cocoa powder, blend it up until it forms a large dough ball.
-Scoop out a small amount of this mixture and form it into your cookie shape.
-Place it on your tray or plate, and then top the cookie with about 2 tsp worth of the salted "date caramel". Do this with all the mixture until all the cookies are made.
-You can now add the banana coin on top of each cookie.
-Then you can place your cookies into the fridge for 1-2 hours to firm, or enjoy it straight away gooey as is!

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