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Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough

-1 can (240g) butter beans or chickpeas
-75g dates (chopped & soaked in hot water)
-20g oats
-15g raw cacao nibs OR non-dairy chocolate, chopped
-a few tbsps of the water that the dates were soaking in

-First drain the water from the dates into another cup or bowl, and set it aside.
-Place all ingredients except the raw cacao nibs/chocolate chunks into your food processor or high speed blender.
-Add some of the water that the dates were soaking in. (Depending on your desired consistency of your cookie dough texture. Add more water for a thinner texture, and less water for a thicker texture.)
-And blend it up until creamy smooth.
-Then sprinkle in the raw cacao nibs/chocolate chunks, and fold them in.
-Scoop out this mixture and place it into your serving bowl with your choice of sliced fruits. Enjoy!

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