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Salad Dressing Recipes

Easy & Delicious Salad Dressing Recipes ebook

25 of my FAVOURITE Salad Dressing Recipes 

All of my dressing recipes in this ebook are;
low fat or no overt fat ✅
no vinegars ✅
no salt ✅

no oils ✅
no refined sugars ✅
no nuts ✅
no nutritional yeast ✅
Only a few minimal ingredients ✅

NO high speed blender required ✅

This ebook has:
-Clear and easy to read recipes & instructions for dressing recipe. ✔
-A colourful and bright photo example to go with each dressing recipe. ✔
-My top tips on how you can truly build & create an enjoyable salad. ✔
-My tips on how you can sneak in your leafy greens and vegetables into your meals without making salads! ✔

Long gone are the days of boring salads... ENJOY 😁


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